Saturday, 26 May 2007

Just a bad day, politically, or the start of something more interesting?

From the updated Foreign & Commonwealth Office Travel Advice for Ukraine, posted tonight:

"Political Situation

The political situation has been tense since the President dissolved parliament on 02 April 2007. Visitors should avoid political demonstrations. There are reports that internal troops may be deployed to the capital on 26 May 2007."


I have been out and about Kyiv today seeing what's going on. Although it is now getting dark and many are pretty boozed up - it's the start of a three day holiday here and the annual Kyiv Day celebrations in downtown - everything is as it should be.

Actually, while the security forces on the streets are about average in number, all the embassies have their diplomatic cars out front...they're all working, which they don't usually do on a Saturday.

If anything, I thought Kyiv Day crowds were smaller than on the last two Kyiv Days I have seen. I think as reports hit Ukrainian media this morning that the President had ordered Interior Ministry troops to the capital, some people decided to stay out of the centre of town.
I am thinking of extending my stay in Kyiv: I smell coup d'etat in the air...but I have tickets for the Bolshoi tomorrow in Moscow...decisions, decisions...

I'll post about the UKR situation tomorrow; based on a fascinating lunch I had Friday...
For the time being the situation I think was best summed up by a contact I have at an Embassy: "What is Yush doing? Oh Boy, has he gone 'off the reservation' on this one!"

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