Thursday, 31 May 2007

Corpses: metaphorical and real

In Ukraine - and, yes, I recognise that Red-Exile these days writes about as much on UKR as on RUS, but whatever - Yuschenko seems to be about to grab total-defeat from the jaws of mere humiliation: the Rada seems to have him dangling on a rope. A late night email exchange may give some little clue as to why:

[my man in Kyiv, 12.54 am MSK]: "Yanukovich said 'f*** you' to Yushchenko at midnight [Midnight Wednesday - Exile] and slammed the door. Timoshenko is partnering with Yanukovich to impeach the President. Never endless fun..."

[Exile, in reply]: "Yulia Timoshenko knows now that White House support is hers for the grasping, because they’ve lost confidence in Yush. Yush is finished as a serious political force."

Meanwhile, frankly gormless alleged murder, Andrei Lugovoi, has reached new depths of absurdity in proclaiming his innocence... Not least because - as any former member of the KGB's First Chief Directorate (now independently run as the SVR) would know: UK SIS ('MI6') never, ever plots to kill people...that's what we have the SAS for (LOL)...

Personally, I am bored of the Litvinenko thing. I haven't seen anything yet to go against my belief that someone in the Oligarch diaspora - not necessarily old-barking-Berezovsky - paid for some keystone cop hangovers to mount an operation more than anything likely to embarrass VVP in the eyes of the world. Not least, as they correctly guessed, they would be caught and could rely on the fact that the Kremlin would never allow extradition of a former KGB officer; even one who only served only in the relatively lowly 'ninth directorate' (the Securicor of the KGB). It leaves the Kremlin exactly where the plotters want: looking guilty, totally framed.

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