Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Advance Notice (warning): It is going to be Russian ballet week on 'Moscow Rules'

... because we are in the middle of the Golden Mask festival.

I have a backlog of postings.

I am trying to edit a post on 'The Seagull / Chaika' I saw last Friday, at the Stanislavski-Nemirovich-Danchenko. The draft post is called "De-coding the choreography: sex, death and Chekhov in the ballet of John Neumeier". Truly, Kids, it'll be worth the wait... LOL!

I also want to review the Mariinsky performance at the Bolshoi tonight. How was it? Well, as they say in my part of Italy: "cosi, cosa... cosici"

Some of it reminded the world St Petersburg is very intellectual, natch. Some of it, though, reminded us that St Petersburg hasn't had a compelling, new idea since 1932... Anyway...

Below is the Mariinsky's equivalent of the Bolshoi's In the Upper Room (I have written about the latter endlessly on this blog, so use the search function!): In the Middle, somewhat elevated. Of more to be written later this week.

(Piece from Russia's Kultura TV)

PS: And tonight via YouTube I learn that Andrey Merkuriev - one of the Bolshoi principal soloists I most admire, only joined 2 years ago from the Mariinsky. I learned it because he is in the YouTube snipplet I have included by way of teaser (this is about 1/4 of the way through the piece).

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