Thursday, 5 April 2007

On vacation in Morocco - back April 20th!

'Holiday' from Green Day - some people will be surprised that Shostakovich and opera-boy, Red Exile, likes Green Day, but I do: they're really cool. I guess that must make me broad-minded ;-) well, ideological pluralism rules, right?


dcmasshole said...

Please tell me you will not eat the rotten flesh and egg dish while you are there. I just saw it on TV and if a person has to hold there nose to eat it, I don't want any part of it.

Krusenstern said...

One week ago the first “Blog-Carnival Russian media” was started. Today already eight articles are registered - but all these articles are from German or Swiss based authors. Where are the authors of English Russia-Blogs?

More informations about the ”Blog-Carnival Russian media”

dcmasshole said...

Just read the title of your blog, is it really prejudices of the West or is the West justified in its judgment based on a long history of past actions and speeches?