Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Humble Pie...

OK, so I failed to do three posts Sunday - by way of 'breaks' in what turned out to be 14 hours in the office. I left the office at 01.45 and actually fell asleep on my bed, at home, fully clothed before the alarm woke me 07.00 to go to a breakfast meeting. I have never pushed the envelope like this before, stress- and work-wise. I did 14 hours yesterday and I finished 'today's' work about 30 minutes ago.
We're thrashed with work - which I guess is good - and I am flying to North Africa tomorrow, as it now is, for a longish, total break... In my world, time off has to be paid for (almost by way of apology for not being there to serve), so as every last drop of blood and sweat is gained before one sod's off to do nothing).

I owe an apology to the Barack Obama campaign. They had *nothing* to do with that Hilary-Apple-1984 ad... as everyone in the USA knew but me... exiled-in-Russia-boy.
It was made, actually, by a 'real person'. He was fired from his job for it. This might be less, though, an example of how 'new media' can destroy the lives of those who drive cutting edge content and more, one hears, that his employer was/is connected to the Obama campaign and this "unauthorised" piece of campaigning (while, *dead cool* IMHO) may have risked backfiring on the candidate and, hence, the creator had to be torched.
In politics supporters and volunteers are the most expendable of all: they make pretty corpses and, sucker-believers all, they rarely complain.
Actually, a mate of mine from the UK - with whom I had shared some political war stories - said to me: "for you even to think about how PACs are a great way to to ratfuck [technical political PR term, people] means you have an even more craven view of democracy than I thought".
Yeah right, oh-my-last-New-Labour-believer-friend...and your point is?

The creator was interviewed on YouTube by their 'political editor' (good grief). He seemed too good to be true to me.
Whatever, I still think he is a PAC-man (hah! hah!).

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