Monday, 19 March 2007

While I am travelling...

I have this jolly little travel schedule the next 48 hours:

SK 735 20MAR SVO-CPH 1545 1630
SK 464 20MAR CPH-OSL 1835 1945
LH 3145 21MAR OSL-MUC 1755 2020
LH 3196 21MAR MUC-SVO 2100 0205+1day

Oh smiley joy: Sheremetyevo 2 airport and immigration/customs at half past two in the morning; home by 3.30am? 4.00am? And, naturally, a 10.00am meeting later that morning carbon footprint terms, I think I am going to have to plant a Siberia-full of forest to become carbon-neutral :(

But Dear Reader, please amuse me while I am away by answering the single question poll I have, on the dashboard (below, right of this post and half way down). It would be very interesting for me to see what you think of Russia.

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