Sunday, 4 March 2007

Banging the Tin Drum

I have been meaning to give a quick shout out to which, inter alia, provides the very handy oil price counter I have on this blog's dashboard. I like to keep track of the crude as we have four oil company clients across four countries in my 'Eurasian' region.
Although not often updated, the blog by JeriCan (geddit?) is worth a read and has some novel insights. The oil industry was the first green movement: it saved the whale! Oh yes it did...whales, especially sperm whales, were hunted for their fat for use in lamps and candles; the switch to kerosene oil lamps probably saved many species of whale from total extinction. Kerosene ruled until Mr Edison invented the lightbulb in 1878; then the oil industry nose-dived into recession. It wasn't until Henry Ford's mass produced automobile in 1908 that things looked up for the oil sector, heralding the era of Big Oil some of us know and love today.
PS: I am loving the RusEnergy blog, now its had its makeover.


dcmasshole said...

This post reads like Daniel Yergin's Book, The Prize and BP's new ad campaign.

Hope it is warming up over there.

Yaroslav said...

cool, you have a blog! =))