Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Dumb and Dumber?

Otherwise known as Georgia and Serbia.

Ah... poor Serbia. Always seemingly grabbing defeat from the jaws of whatever...

This piece on the Business New Europe wire caught my eye today:

Moscow accuses Serbia of supplying Georgia with arms
August 19, 2008

The Russian Ministry of Defence has accused Serbia of being one of the countries that has supplied arms to the Georgian military prior to the recent conflict in Ossetia, Serbian media reports. The Russian's say some of the weapons were made in Serbia's Zastava factory in the central Serbian town of Kragujevac, according to reports from the BBC. "I stated that it was a bad idea selling weapons to a country that was in conflict with Russia, our biggest ally," former Foreign Minister Vuk Draskovic told the BBC, pointing out that the government (in which he had been foreign minister) had initially blocked the deal, and then approved it following a strike by workers at Zastava Weapons.

However, Zastava Weapons Director Rade Gromovic said Draskovic's claims are "groundless.""I don't know how our Kalashnikovs got to Georgia. Maybe Georgia got them from Croatia or Bosnia, whose territorial defenses, during the former Yugoslavia, possessed such weapons. Zastava Weapons and the Serbian state cannot however tell former Yugoslav republics, which have long been independent states, what to do with their military surpluses," said Gromovic.

There is almost a mathmatically circular brilliance to how screwy that is, don't you think?

South Ossetia is Kosovo; Georgia is Serbia. Serbia is friendless other than Russia so, natch, Serbia 'accidentally' arms its only friend's most troublesome enemy. LOL

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