Saturday, 8 December 2007

Four YouTube videos watched today

I think this is the best issues-spot ever done by (a) any oil firm and (b) one of the best corporate issues-spot e.v.e.r. (I kind of love it and everything Chevron is doing on

That made me laugh a lot today (I found it at SixtySecondView, the best PR blog in Europe). What follows is the antidote:

And, finally, an extraordinary comment piece from MSNBC. I don't think you would see something like that ever on Russian TV...


dcmasshole said...

The bombastic tirade of Mr. Olbermann is bent on the his pathos for hating Bush. The intelligence assessment only states they have no knowledge of a nuclear program. How does Bush's warning state anything different. Iran does have "peaceful" nuclear program and is building the infrastructure for it. However, I would like to remind the talking head that India also was developing a peaceful nuclear program and had no known nuclear program. It was only a matter of time before they tested a bomb because they had the infrastructure in place.

With the radical regime in place in Iran it is good to be cautious and try to prevent Iran from even developing a peaceful nuclear program. After all they have the ballistic missiles, have been know to conduct terrorist activities through sponsored proxies, demand destruction of Israel, and can easily start a program once a peaceful program is in place. Again look at the peaceful intentions of India.

Red Exile / Красная Ссылка said...

I don't necessarily disagree with you about Iran - I concur that last week's report *shattering the Iranian threat* was pretty fully played up the the Bush-baiting media.

As you know, DC, I am no Bushie (au contraire), but I do find myself thinking that given any evidence that Iran might possess 'the bomb', a first-strike nuclear attack by the USA or Israel is both inevitable and justifiable.

It would be one of those 'do you want to lose big?' or 'lose small?' moments. Humanity loses either way.

First strike maximises the chances I think that it would only 'lose small'.

Scary even to be contemplating it. But someone has to.