Saturday, 16 June 2007

So this is what blogging is all about....

In Moscow, IBM held a rather brilliant forum on New Media yesterday. Respect! Of course, no where in this new media celebration does it mention China and State censorship of access to web 2.0. And this, of course, will be the only litmus test that will really matter about what Russia is, or is not.

For those that fear the bear - or just want to bait it - the lack of Net censorship (cf China) massively undermines their case. For the Russophiles, if the Russian Federation adopts Chinese-style Net censorship, then the Russophobes will have won. Hands down. Either way, I hear the answer, definitively, will have become clear (or not) by next February.

Shout out to Arseniy Rastorguev for injecting this into the Russian blogophere.

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